winning roulette by following results

Many people are convinced that a positive outcome comes from being able to play with the casino. This basically means that you always bet on what has fallen earlier. If the ball falls on red 21 at any time, then the next bet is on 21, red, odd or on a series of numbers that includes red. There is always a time when a certain result will return and it often happens that a certain number in a series of 36 will fall as many as 5 times. You can therefore make a considerable profit if your bets follow the casino’s lead.


Every player has something with a certain number or perhaps with a series of numbers. For players who value a combination of numbers or a single number, it can sometimes work to place a bet on these numbers. In most cases, this works out favourably, but a well thought out tactic should generally work better. A fun fact is that a lucky number is often linked to someone’s personal situations. For example, certain dates or house numbers are often seen as lucky numbers.


Finally, many roulette players take advantage of the knowledge of numbers that have already fallen. It would be logical that in a set of 37 numbers, there would be no doubles and thus each number would have an equal chance of winning. People who bet in this way will only bet on numbers in a particular sequence that have not yet occurred until every number has occurred. In online roulette, this is very easy to do, because first of all you can write down your bet when you place it. In addition, a game indicates which numbers have already been hit and the so-called hot & cold numbers are used. There is a good roulette win strategy for everyone.

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