Xposed Wins $32,000 Playing BlackJack Online | Online BlackJack

Welcome to Online Gambling Sessions. In this blackjack online session video titled Xposed Wins $32,000 Playing BlackJack Online | Online, I show you a segment of one of the latest Xposed Stream. He starts off with a balance of $122,489.04, makes pretty big online blackjack losses, then turns his luck around and goes on a big win. Seeing him play the live blackjack dealer is at times hilarious. He is a very entertaining chap, one of my favourites in terms of raw emotions, anger and joy, especially talking about the BlackJack live dealer.

I have played Blackjack many times before, but it sure does look that online Blackjack Evolution gameplay looks rigged at times, even though it most probably isn’t. After having watched Xposed (Xposed Twitch) and so many other gambling streamers lose, and lose, and lose I no longer engage in BlackJack online play. There will be other Xposed Online BlackJack and Xposed BlackJack videos, which will be posted here following his live streams.

*** If you have a gambling problem, or think that you might have a gambling problem, please seek immediate medical help and assistance ***

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