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Apologies for inflicting GB News on you but I was intrigued by this interview with Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, overseas strategic adviser to Donald Trump, where she talked about the possibility of Trump being President before the 2024 election.

One plan is to install Trump as Speaker of the House (and you don’t need to be a member of Congress to be Speaker) and then impeach Biden and Harris after the midterms which would make the Speaker, second in the line of succession the President.

After the Beer Hall Putsch of January 6th 2021, a date which will live in infamy, I wouldn’t put anything past the GOP in their attempts to do the bidding of Donald Trump but even I think this idea is a non starter.

Yes the GOP are likely to win the House and Senate this year but I don’t think they will come close to winning the 67 seats in the Senate for a successful conviction in the Senate. Currently they have 50 seats and there 14 seats up for election in Dem held seats and if the GOP wins everyone they will still be 3 short (and I don’t think it is nailed on every GOP senator votes for impeachment) so this strategy is going to fail. So I think in response to the headline, this should be a QTWTAIN.

However given the violence we saw the GOP is prepared to engage in for a Presidency they lost if I was the Secret Service detailing President Biden and Vice President Harris I would become very worried the moment Trump became Speaker.


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