Why Quick Hands View from Hand2Note is a game changer

The feature quickly shows you hands you might have missed as well as reliable information for when you have a small hand sample.

There are a lot of cool features with Hand2Note that you cannot find on other HUD software, one of which we wanted to highlight today. 

One of the biggest problems with being overly reliant on a HUD is that you lose some of the in-game reads about a player that should inform your actions. The sort of things you would always pick up on in a live poker game. 

If an opponent played a hand particularly strangely you might not even notice it because you were playing so many other tables. The HUD stats might also not tell the whole story, if the player makes a terrible call on a particularly wet board it is not obvious from the pure numbers in your database. 

Quick Hands View


The Quick Hand View from Hand2Note solves this problem. First of all there is a Showdowns Indicator that tracks how many hands in your session have gone to showdown. It’s a green box with a number on it. 

When you click on it, you will be able to access all the hands in the session that went to showdown quickly. So if you were concentrating on four other tables you get to catch up on what you missed. 

This is what you see when you click on it:


What you are seeing is a snapshot of how the hand was played. Each table position has their own colour (UTG, UTG1, UTG2, MP, MP1, MP2, CO, BTN, SB, BB, STR) and the actions are Raise (R), Bet (B), Call (C), Check (X) and Fold (F). 

It might be a little confusing to look at at first but with a bit of practice it becomes easy to follow. With this new feature you can quickly look at how the Villain played some recent hands to guide your decisions. 

Showdowns are more reliable than small stat samples

Late reg “Turn is 6D, Small Blind bets 20, Cutoff calls, river is 3h, Small Blind bets 64, Cutoff folds”

We spoke to Nick James from Hand2Note to learn more about this feature:

Nick James: I’d say the issue is that usually players tend to rely on stats too much. But in most real situations we don’t have enough sample to confidentially say that the stat is reliable. So the actual showdowns is the most useful information we may get.

How often should players use this feature? It seems like it might be a distraction and time consuming if you did it all the time. 

Nick James: This feature is supposed to be used in combination with showdown indicator. If you understand the format, you’ll be able to read the hand in one second or even less. If you have a difficult decision on the river, you may check what actual hands your opponent showed down in similar spots in just seconds.

You can also check the opponent showdowns when you don’t have a live decision running, between the hands, to accumulate info on that player (especially fish, we never have really good sample on fish, so their showdowns are precious information).

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What is Hand2Note?

Hand2NoteHand2Note provides online poker players with statistics, poker analytical tools and data visualization, containing a full set of tools for playing poker seriously and competitively.

From HUDs, popups including visual presentation of preflop and postflop ranges, reports, graphs, analysis and much more. The software includes everything you may expect from typical poker tracking software, along with a lot of innovative and powerful features required by a professional poker player.

Hand2Note HUD

Hand2Note HUD Click to enlarge

One of the central features, the Hand2Note HUD, offers three types of typical Heads-up Displays used by serious players:

Static HUD shows the same stats for all players at the table. You probably used this kind of HUD in other software.

Positional HUD shows different stats for different players at the table depending on their positions, hero’s position, stack sizes, number of players in the hand and many other criteria known at the beginning of the hand.

Dynamic HUD shows stats depending on players’ actions in a hand. For example, it may show the stat OPEN RAISE MP only when a player open raises from middle position.

Note: The Positional and Dynamic HUD are prohibited at PokerStars but allowed at a variety of other poker rooms.

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