What it feels like to lose $100k in one day

bencb did an Ask Me Anything last week where he answered your questions on ICM, study, solvers, his results and motivation.

One of the reasons why we are happy to promote Raise Your Edge is that you don’t need to guess about the quality of the material, all you have to do is look at what bencb puts out for free on YouTube to get an idea. 

A great example of which happened last week as the RYE founder took some time out to answer questions from Twitter users. These are some of the things he was asked:

How do you get over losing 100k in 1 day?

Which solvers/study programs to use alongside the course. Do I need to be familiar with them before starting?

Would you be open to sharing your results from 2021?

Help for cash regs who are considering switching to MTTs

How do you find the energy to begin the grind/HUGE sessions?

You can watch the whole video yourself below where lots of things you have always probably wondered were asked:

The Tournament Masterclass Starter


How long would it take from being a break even player to a small stakes winner? Six months? A year? More?

Our friend bencb at Raise Your Edge says five days!

That’s because he has just released a free five day course called the Tournament Masterclass Starter. If you have been on the fence about Raise Your Edge products this is the perfect place to start. 

Each day a new video will drop which will teach you about the must-know fundamentals of the modern game. These lessons include:

Preflop poker

Postflop play

Bankroll Management


Variance and downswings

Bencb’s five pillars to tournament success

You will also get access to free preflop ranges that you can incorporate into your game right away. 

There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

Get the Tournament Masterclass Starter for free!

Late reg

Up to $250 discount through PokerStrategy.com

If you like what you see and you sign up to the Tournament Masterclass Starter via our links, you will also benefit from our exclusive discounts for all the other Raise Your Edge courses. You can get up to $250 off each of the premium courses from Bencb.

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