Vanessa Kade Accuses Todd Witteles of Conducting a “Witch Hunt” with WSOP Covid-19 Claims

18 Nov

Vanessa Kade has described social media attacks against her by Todd Witteles as a “witch hunt” after the Poker Fraud Alert founder accused her of starting the recent spread of Covid-19 cases at the WSOP…

This muppet is literally in like 6 threads effectively blaming me for an outbreak when I went above and beyond at every step to ensure the safety of others.

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— Vanessa Kade (@VanessaKade) November 16, 2021

For some reason Witteles singled out the ACR ambassador for special treatment after several players took to Twitter to let everyone know they had contracted the virus this past week.

Nick Schulman, Jacqueline Burkhardt, Melissa Weisner, Mike Dentale and Dan Zack have all tested positive, with many more suspected or expected to be in a similar position.

Confirmed :/

— Daniel Zack (@Dan__Zack) November 15, 2021

Kade was one of the very first players at this year’s World Series to admit to catching Covid-19, sitting out for ten days – as the rules dictate – before returning to play the Main Event.

That didn’t stop Witteles, who reportedly has some previous with Kade, from effectively accusing her of being the superspreader, naming her in several different threads about the recent outbreak of Covid.


Witteles named Kade in several other tweets, but his information was way off the mark according to Kade.

“What the fuck? Ridiculous assumptions. I tested negative, got checked out by a doctor, AND WSOP’s EMTs. I’m literally the only one who voluntarily came forward to protect others despite the personal cost. Why would I ever do that and then turn around go back if it’s not safe.”

That didn’t prevent Witteles from arguing his corner, tweeting several more times despite Kade’s protestations…

Only contagious the first week, y’all.

That’s why sports leagues, nearly all schools, and most workplaces require a negative test to come back after a positive COVID diagnosis.

She tested positive, played Main 8 days later, and somehow forgot to tell us about her negative test.

— Todd Witteles (@ToddWitteles) November 16, 2021

By this time Kade had reached the end of her tether with Witteles and a number of trolls and fake accounts that had been harassing her, warning Witteles that legal action might soon be on her ‘to do’ list.

“Dunno what his problem is, but this isn’t the first time,” she said of the man who runs the Poker Fraud Alert radio show and podcast. Kade added: “Tuned into one of his podcasts where he was spouting some shit that was slanderous and provably incorrect because he was too lazy to properly research the topic. One more time & I’ll be talking to a lawyer @ToddWitteles.”

So far, the World series of Poker hasn’t been hit by Covid cases as hard as many predicted, and the “fully vaccinated” mandate seems to have generally worked well – those who have come down with it not requiring hospitalisation, one of the main aims behind the vaccination program.’

With one more week left of the 2021 Series, the hope is that the recent cases are a limited outbreak.

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