Top 3 Mesoamerican themed slot games

Top 3 Aztec and Mayan themed slots – here’s our pick!

Brace yourself for a wild adventure as we hop aboard a time capsule and then secretly board one of Cortez’s ships as he sets sail towards the New World. Upon arriving, the entire Mesoamerican region and its mysterious civilizations are yours to explore. Filled with vast riches, otherworldly wisdom, and spellbinding architecture, these tribes have much to avail before your eyes. So, surrender all resistance as the jungle swallows you whole and shows you the beauty that is both exotic and unfathomable.

Aztec Palace

Make no mistake about it; the rewards that await you in the walls of this palace exceed the imagination. Blessed by the Aztec war god Huitzilopochtli himself, only the most cunning and courageous can gain access to the treasures that lay within this stone citadel. Featuring 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines, Aztec Palace by Booming games comes with stunning visuals that showcase the remarkable ingenuity of Aztec architecture, such as the way that the carvings are carved around the rock instead of into the rock.

Animated by the power of the Aztec deities, this temple also comes with some interesting special features. Bursting Wild symbols may appear on any reel at random, turning itself and up to 8 other symbols into Wilds. Also, keep an eye out for the Pick a Skull feature, where you will be presented with an assortment of magical skulls blessed by Aztec shamans many centuries ago, which may contain exquisite gifts.

Admirers of Aztec art and culture are in for a real treat as they are met with a bewildering array of accurately detailed carvings, which depict exotic symbolism as well as various Aztec deities such as the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl. As if this game wasn’t compelling enough, it also features some sick animations, such as a coral snake slithering on and about the playing area, or a stream of water gushing from a face carved into the wall. You can almost feel the humidity and smell the stench of the jungle.

Mayan Princess

Before making our way to the Aztec capital, we’ll visit a Mayan Princess in her exotic and breathtaking city. With so many strange and wondrous sites to behold, it’s tough to decide where to begin. Is it her royal zoo, which hosts the most ferocious crocodiles and snakes? Or perhaps you’re more inclined to dine in her exclusive palace, where you can get a taste of various exotic dishes, deserts and spices. After that, you may want to consult her regiment of elite warriors, who can teach you to hunt down those epic wins with the ferocity and precision of a jaguar.

Mayan Princess by Microgaming features 5 reels along with 20 fixed paylines and mesmerizing visuals that give a compelling account of Mayan culture in all its glory. In terms of authenticity and detail, this game has it all, from trademark Mayan carvings to traditional clothing and bodily decorations. These Mayans also know how to party with Free Spins; the Free Spins Bonus feature in this game can award you with up to 20 Free Spins, which may be reactivated, along with a multiplier.

Aztec Gold Megaways

Onwards we go deeper into the Aztec heartland. Upon arriving to its capital, Tenochtitlan, we are greeted by none other than Emperor Moctezuma. After presenting us with a banquet of exotic feasts, he tells of a brand new temple he’s building. The function of this temple is to act as a conduit between the spirit world and ours, absorbing tidings of prosperity. Approach them with grace, and vast treasures may just find their way towards you!

Featuring 6 reels along with megaways and stunning, jewel-like visuals of that are as eloquent as they are mystical, Isoftbet’s Aztec Gold megaways offers endless fun and enchantment. Being endowed with unique divine powers, this pyramid has the power to cause your wins to cascade, thereby increasing your chances of a win. Also watch for the Sun Disc Scatter feature, which may reset and which had a Mini, Major and Mega amount. With up to 117,649 ways for the gods to deliver you a win, you are in for a good time that would make any conquistador jealous (in your face, Cortez!).

In terms of its graphics, Aztec Gold gives a breathtaking depiction of Aztec architecture and famed deities such as the plumbed serpent and important animals in Aztec custom such as the jaguar. Though cartoonlike in style, the rich colours produce an enchanting, otherworldly look that captures the essence of the Aztec way of life perfectly.

Want more exciting adventures?

Our exploration of Ancient Mesoamerica may be over for now, but if you’d like, to further investigate the New World on your own, for its beauty and mysteries are indeed boundless. Or perhaps you wish to explore slot games themed around other cultures throughout history. For this, we strongly recommend that you visit our sponsor EmuCasino, which has an exceptional selection of premier slot games. Oh, and be sure to leave some gold for poor Cortez and his crew before you go… or just keep them all to yourself, we’ll understand.

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