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Is the Foreign Sec trying too hard?

With just the possibility that Boris Johnson might not survive the year there continues to be a fair amount of interest in the next leader betting market on the betting exchanges.

The chart shows how prices have moved on Betfair in percentage terms during the past month and as can be seen Liz Truss moved up very sharply just after Christmas but that has started to fade.

Having been promoted last year to one of the offices of state, Foreign Secretary, the Comprehensive school girl from Leeds and former Lib Dem is now finding less support from punters although she continues to top the regular survey of cabinet satisfaction ratings on CONHome. With all the photo ops that she creates for herself and the apparent desire to ape Maggie I just wonder whether she is trying too hard.

Truss is up against the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak – the only named minister to do better than the generic poll ratings for the party in the Christmas Opinium polling. With him as leader the Tories were on a net minus 3% while with Truss the party trailed on minus 16%. That sort of data is very damaging to her.

DISCLOSURE I have a £20 bet at 250/1, placed with Ladbrokes in November 2019, that Sunak will be the next PM.

Mike Smithson

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