Security guard prevents armed robbery at poker room

A potential tragedy was averted in a US poker room after a brave security guard lunged at a robber carrying an AR-15 this week.

Trelynn Robinson Trelynn Robinson

Poker events have always been at risk of violent robbery because of the cash amounts moving around freely. This week a security guard in Houston prevented what could have been a horrifying robbery at the Legends Poker Room. 

A man entered the card room at 1:30 AM with an AR-15 and announced he was robbing the venue which had over 120 people inside at the time. 

That may have happened were it not for Trelynn ‘Tek’ Robinson, the security guard on duty. He tackled the robber to the ground and wrestled with him, pinning him down with the help of staff and players until the police arrived to arrest the suspect. 

The weapon fired several times but nobody was hit. Robinson dislocated his shoulder in the fight.

One of the dealers in the card room, Sean Benefiel, has organised a GoFundMe for Robinson’s medical bills and also as a thank you for his bravery. At the time of writing 27 people have donated $2,048 of the $40,000 goal. 

Stories of poker players being targeted by armed robbers are sadly rife in the industry, however the most famous instance of all was the EPT Berlin robbery in 2010 when four armed men raided the hotel it was taking place in and stole €242,000. All four men were jailed for the crime. 

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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