Pronet Gaming adds new widgets to show real-time top 10 bets and events


merging markets platform specialist Pronet Gaming announced Tuesday that it has added proprietary Popular Bets and Popular Events widgets to its offering, which allows players to see the market’s current top-10 bets and top-10 events, automatically refreshing every five minutes.

As the company described in an official statement, this integration offers flexibility of use, allowing operators to display to different areas of their sites, and is optimized for both mobile and desktop formats. They also auto-populate according to each operator’s markets. 

 “The Popular Bets and Popular Events widgets work at an operator level, not platform-wide. This means the betting options that are presented are determined according to each site, given the operator’s traffic, offering advanced customisation for Pronet Gaming’s clients across the globe”, Pronet explained.

This follows the company’s sports betting widgets that were rolled out ahead of Euro 2020 and Copa América.

 In an official press release, Tommy Molloy, Sportsbook and Trading Director at Pronet Gaming, spoke about the widgets and said: “This is an exciting development for Pronet Gaming and an ideal way to continuously enhance player engagement. With minimum effort on the operators’ part, they can be confident that their players are constantly being shown the most popular bets and events at any one time.  The operator-specific element is particularly important, enabling them to differentiate from one another effectively, with the top-10 bets and events being distinct from operator to operator. This is a true game-changer, allowing our clients to deliver faster, more localised betting for their players.” 

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