News: What is Unchained Mind?

If you want to climb the ranks in poker and life, you need a solid mindset, which is what you get from this elite Raise Your Edge mental game course.

Everyone knows bencb is a tournament crusher but it is also pretty clear he has his mindset worked out. You can now develop the solid RYE mindset with the Unchained Mind course.

The course promises to turn you into a warrior in the mental game of poker, as well as off the tables. It’s a complete mental toolkit to get to the root causes of mental game issues, so you can bring your A-game to the tables. 

You will discover the same mindset techniques Ben adopted himself to become one of the elite high stakes players and coaches in poker today. 

Unchain your Mind with Raise Your Edge

Is Unchained Mind worth it? Here is what you get

There is 11 hours of videos in this course and it is being updated all the time. In this course you can expect to learn about:

How to fight tilt

Setting and achieving goals

Getting to the root of your true motives

Work/Life balance

Focus and deep work

Meditation and mindfulness

There is also an exclusive Discord group to talk mindset with your fellow students and you get a free 90 page guided mindset journal to help you document your journey. 

mindset What you can expect from this course

Unchain your Mind with Raise Your Edge

Free mindset videos from bencb

If you are not sure yet, check out these free Raise Your Edge mindset videos to see what bencb mindfulness looks like:

Unchain your Mind with Raise Your Edge

Unbeatable RYE discounts you won’t find anywhere else

After an exemplary rise to the top of the poker world, starting out on low-stakes SNGs and grinding his way all the way to the top of six-figure buy-in tournaments, Benjamin ‘bencb’ Rolle launched his own poker training site Raise Your Edge, delivering world-class poker courses that can help anyone to get their own game to new heights.

No matter if you want to master regular tournaments, perfect your skills in bounty MTTs, boost your mindset, or reignite your career with live cash games—there’s something in store for everyone at Raise Your Edge. And with our unbeatable discounts at Raise Your Egde that you will find nowhere else, you will be able to save cold hard cash when taking your game to the next level through the elite poker training Raise Your Egde offers.

Up to $250 discount through

Check out our discount overview for all the available courses and pick whatever game format you would like to thrive in. offers the biggest discounts available at Raise Your Edge:

raise your edge banner

The best part of it all: There’s a money-back guarantee on all the offers available at Raise Your Edge, meaning if you completed a course and done the work, but you feel it provided no value, you can get a refund for your purchase within 60 days.

Find out more about the courses offered at Raise Your Edge

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