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Barry Carter uses his industry expertise (ie. guessing) to predict who will walk away with a Global Poker Award this weekend.

People take poker awards way too seriously. In my opinion they are just a bit of fun and are a really nice gesture for the few who win them. People should not see an award as proof they are at the top of their game, nor should they see a snub as a sign of failure.

Having said that, I am going to dip my toe into the controversial waters of predicting who I think will win and who I believe should win, ahead of the Global Poker Awards this Friday night on PokerGO.

Here are my predictions, if I have not covered a category it is because I do not feel educated enough comment on who deserves an award in it.

Best Final Table Performance

A tough category and usually it automatically goes to the WSOP Main Event winner, but there is something undeniable about Adam Friedman winning the same event three times in a row. Having said all that, I think Jungleman wins this, not so much for his skills in the Players Championship but just how incredibly funny and animated he was. It was the most memorable final table performance and for me that means he wins it.


GPI Breakout Player

It’s hard to look beyond Vanessa Kade here, who became a superstar on and off the felt last year. She came out best in her Twitter war with Dan Bilzerian, she won the biggest Sunday Million prize in history and just recently she ended her sponsorship with ACR for honourable reasons, all in less than a year.


Players Choice for Toughest Opponent

Michael Addamo had the biggest live winning year and the last 12 months was spent praising just how difficult he is to play against with his trademark 5x pot overbets. David Peters or Stephen Chidwick win this most years, but over the last 12 months it has to be Addamo.


Best streamer

Super tough category. For me personally it will always be Spraggy but I can see his sense of humour not translating well internationally. They are all great, but I am going to make the bold claim that most of the judges will not be very Twitch savvy and thus pick the name they know, meaning that Lex should win this one.


Best Vlogger

Ethan Yau has exploded onto the poker YouTube scene in the last 12 months and for my money should win this, yet he is not that well known in the traditional poker media circles. Once again I am going to guess that most of the panel won’t be big poker YouTube consumers and thus will go with the name they know, which is Brad Owen.

Best Event

Most years this should always be the WSOP Main Event but the Mystery Bounty Event has really been welcomed by the poker community and I predict big things for it in 2022. I think this novel format will be the surprise winner.


Best Podcast

I’m biased but I genuinely think The Chip Race (who have a special tournament this week at Unibet to celebrate their nomination) is the best podcast in poker by a mile. I cannot, however, see the panel voting for the same podcast twice in three years. James and Stapes are very popular in the circles I imagine make up the panel and thus I think Poker in the Ears wins this year.


Best Media Content: Written

Three of the four pieces were in mainstream publications and normally that would sway me towards PocketFives and Lance Bradley winning, because he is ‘one of us’. However, the Alex O’Brien piece was widely read and she has become a popular figure in the game as a result, so I think her BBC piece will take this one down.

Best Media Content: Photo

I think the Friedman/Hellmuth piece is hilarious and would be my personal pick. The nostalgia for the Rio in the Hayley Hochstetler piece has a shout, but Brandon Shack-Harris is very popular and thus I think Danny Maxwell’s picture of him will win it.


Best Media Content: Video

The Last Call Documentary should win this for me, but there are two hurdles. First it is in Finnish and the majority of the panel will be English speakers. Also it is a long series by comparison to the other relatively short videos. We can’t really expect the panel to watch the whole series but they might watch all the other contenders. So my prediction is simply The Last Call won’t win, even though it should.

Fans Choice: Poker Personality

If this was actually about judging the personality traits of the player then Greg Goes All-in should win because he is absolutely hilarious. However, this really is the ‘which person can send the most traffic to a voting form award’. That isn’t a cynical interpretation, the Global Poker Awards have also said it’s more about the fans more than the nominee. Jonathan Little won it last time, it’s much closer this year but I think he will win it again.


Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

Barry Carter is the editor of and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, Poker Satellite Strategy, PKO Poker Strategy & the new book Endgame Poker Strategy

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