Moshman’s Ultimate Guide to 9-Man SNGs

We look back at some of Collin Moshman’s best videos on the bread and butter SNG format for all you wannabe grinders.

Our SNG Guru CollinMoshman has a lot of formats he can call himself a specialist in, but the one format he made an early name for himself in is 9-man Single Table Tournaments. The original, classic, SNG. 

We have provided some of his best 9-man SNG videos below. You should start with this 9-man SNG Quiz to brush up on what you already know and what could use some improvement:

poker video

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More 9-man SNG videos

poker video

Bubble Play

Small, medium and big stack are all covered in this clinic on bubble play

poker video

Keys to SNG Victory

10 things you need to understand to thrive in Single Table Tournaments


Midstakes review

Collin reviews a $30 9-man SNG he played focussing on shorthanded plays


Moving up in 9-mans

Three different 9-man SNG stakes are reviewed to help you climb the ranks in Sit & Go

You can learn more about Collin and ask him questions directly about his videos in his Sit ‘N’ Go Crushers Academy thread here at 

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