Microgaming Extends Its Influence to the Czech Republic

Microgaming is one of the most well-known, reputable, and reliable casino games developer in the world. However, gambling fans in many countries just could not enjoy the thrill of gambling with Microgaming, because in many countries, especially in Europe, let alone Africa and Asia, Microgaming was not presented in online casinos. The very first reason for this is, of course, the fact that in most countries, even online gambling is actually officially banned. The websites are not blocked, no, but the gamblers lack ways of withdrawing the money they win, to their bank accounts legally, safely, and conveniently. As a result, such giants like Microgaming just do not collaborate with local casinos, and that’s a shame.

Another reason is lack of payment processing systems that would function in the country of the developer and the player. Many payment processing systems freely available in the US and Canada are not presented, or provide limited functioning, in say European countries. It means that, if a player from Europe would like to gamble on some NativeCasinos Site having a full right to do that (since we have unlimited freedom of the Internet, right?), he or she just would not be able to deposit or withdraw money.


The brightest example of the lack of
payment processing systems is PayPal and its presentation in Europe. While in
many countries people can use it freely, in other countries, it is either not
presented at all, or does not provide all its functions. Say, PayPal allows to
open an account and get money on it, but it does not allow to withdraw this
money. What a nonsense!

Little surprise, therefore, that
many reliable, well-known and reputable online casinos do not extend their
influence in such countries, because they will immediately have a bunch of
legal issues with the government, and also a bunch of payment issues with the
players. Who would want that for their business?

As a result, many European players
were deprived of the possibility to play at online casinos that host games by
Microgaming. This is a lose-lose situation both for the industry and for the
customer. Having no opportunity to use reliable services of the companies who
provide the highest quality, people are forced to rely on local providers.
These are not obligatory bad, but one will always want to have access to the
option of the highest quality.

The industry, on the other hand,
loses millions of dollars due to the fact that its access and development is
limited or restricted in many countries. It should be said that, while
restriction of the land-based casinos may be a sound move in some regions, due
to lack of legislation on the issue, restricting official online platforms
makes little sense.

Firstly, this is the Internet and
one can use a bunch of software to reach almost any website from any spot.
Unless the website itself restricts access of players from a certain country to
its games, any user can go and gamble. It is also pretty possible to find one
or two payment options available to the player. So, this limitation is not a
limitation, just a complication.

The government, on the other hand, loses thousands of dollars in taxes, because illegal local casinos still operate.

and Tipsport

Luckily, for the Czech Republic, the
situation will change in the nearest time. The developer giant Microgaming has
announced its expansion to the European market. The first platform to host some
of the most popular games is Tipsport. More games will be made available in the
future since Microgaming decided to become one of the pioneers of the gambling
industry in this region.

The company also claims that they
plan to start a collaboration with other operators, which means more online
gambling platforms will gain access to the world-known games. This also means
that customers in the Czech Republic will be able to find really legal and
reliable websites for online gambling since Microgaming does not cooperate with
poorly organized websites.

This also means that the government
cooperates with the development company and will enhance its legislation to
provide proper control and safety, and to get taxes, in this niche. The
representatives of Microgaming state that this expansion to the Czech Republic
is nothing less but the first step in the long-term strategy of the company to
enter the European market. Microgaming has already entered Bulgaria and Denmark
previously, and at the beginning of 2019, they plan to start a collaboration
with Sweden.

While this news is just perfect for
all the fans of online gambling, there are three other advantages the expansion
of Microgaming will bring. Firstly, the governments of these countries will
tailor their legislation according to the current situation with the Internet,
since many governments just ignore the problem having no idea how to cope with
it. Since Microgaming means additional profit, they will be forced to approach
the web legislation efficiently. This will eventually bring more safety and
clarity to the procedures with the online activity overall.

Secondly, collaboration with such
giants like Microgaming, and the legal opening of online casinos will generate
huge taxes, and the government will be able to use this money to improve the
issues in the country, instead of losing this money to other states which allow
online gambling officially.

And thirdly, the entrance of
Microgaming and development of legal online gambling platforms means the
development of international payment processing systems in the region. This is
a huge benefit which will boost the development of small and medium businesses
everywhere in Europe.

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