Man Breaks World Record with the Largest Collection of Casino Chips

19 Oct

In Las Vegas, Gregg Fisher set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most extensive compilation of casino chips and tokens. A devoted gambler and casino chips collector achieved this feat with 2,222 items, and each one of them had to come from different premises.

”The number of in this world record represent the same number of different casinos,” Gregg Fisher illustrated

The actual number of Fisher’s stockpiles of chips is 4,000. As per the rules, solely one piece from a different casino is counted. Nonetheless, Gregg Fisher was successful in setting a new record.

Rigorous Verification Process

The stockpile of 2,222 chips had to be carefully authenticated one by one by Guinness for official recognition as a world record. Gregg Fisher, a member of the Casino Collectibles Association, is familiarized with this tedious verification procedure.

All the chips must be commercially viable for a count and did not consider homemade items. Fisher also was tasked to submit details on how he obtained each token. Every item in the collection had to be counted, evaluated, photographed, and authenticated by two certified independent witnesses in a public place. A public display is a requisite part of a world-record venture if anyone wants to dispute the count. The subsequent step involved submitting a video of the count by experts for review.

Afterwards, Fisher had to produce an inventory spreadsheet, signed on each page by the expert witnesses and hand in their separate statements on their day-to-day activities.

They sent the documentation to the Guinness World Record for a twelve-week assessment procedure. As per the Casino Collectibles Association, about 40 percent of Guinness World Record trials usually remain declined due to inaccuracy in the documentation. The collection was on display at Spinettis Gaming Supply in Las Vegas from September 27 to-29, 2022.

Gregg Fisher also tried to set a new record for the utmost $1 chips and tokens collection. The current record is 802 items, while Fisher owns 818.

Suppose Fisher’s record-breaking mission does not succeed. In that case, the collection will return for public exhibition during the 29 annual show held by Casino Collectibles Association June 16th-18th, in Las Vegas South Point Hotel.

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