Live Casino technology and appeal

Live Casino technology and appeal | The Best Online Casino Guide

Why Live Casinos?

Historically, online casinos have struggled mightily with satisfying those of its players who crave the most realistic and engaging gaming experience possible. A considerable number of casino enthusiasts in the past have lamented over the boredom that grows with repetitively watching virtual cards being dealt on a screen or a roulette reel being spun. That all changed with the introduction of Live Casino games. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this form of gaming, they employ real dealers who facilitate the interactive gaming action in real time in a realistic and private betting room.

With the advent of Live Casino games, players are given access to a virtual experience that comes close to capturing the authentic atmosphere and excitement of betting at a real land-based casino, but without all the hassles and costs associated with traveling to one. Live Casinos are the perfect solution to a lonely evening at home when you’d rather indulge in a more personal and interactive gaming experience as opposed to non-Live games, which can be engaging in their own way, but ultimately at a lower level than their Live counterparts. 

While offering a heightened level of interactivity and realism, Live Games also allow you to focus on your game without all the distractions that often come with betting on a real casino floor, from the comfort of your home. In this way, these games allow you to tap into the best of both worlds.

Types of Live Casino games

While providing an exhaustive list here would be impractical since the variety of Live Casino games that have been produced since its introduction are extensive, there are some popular varieties that may be considered staples. These include Live Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, and even monopoly. It should also be noted that many of these games include variations, with new ones continually being made; the Live Casino attraction is a growing dimension of online casino gaming that is sure to produce even more mesmerizing spectacles in the future, so best to stay tuned!

The dealer

By far, the most important part of what makes Live Casino games appealing and successful is having a dealer who is well trained. One could argue that this carries even more significant than all the technological components. Essentially, we want there to be no discrepancy in the level of professionalism and overall style between a dealer at a land-based casino and a Live Casino dealer. Thus, the most successful Live Casino games have dealers who are trained accordingly, eliminating all possibility of any fumbles or lapses in focus on camera.

Cutting-edge technology behind Live games

Game Control Unit (GCU) – this vital element of Live gaming technology, which is included on each table, is responsible for maintaining the encoding process, thereby making sure that each live gaming session or stream is delivered in a timely manner and with the sharpest possible clarity.

Live Casino studio monitor – This is what helps to facilitate a two-way interaction between you (the player) and the dealer; whenever you wish to send the dealer a message, they will be displayed in this monitor for the dealer to see mid-game. Thanks to the Live Casino studio monitor, all the interactive elements of playing on a real betting floor come roaring to life in your living room!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – This is software that allows for the smooth and rapid processing of all the data involved in the gameplay, such as the values on the cards or roulette wheel, the distinction between different kinds of bets being made, etc. This allows for the winners and losers in any given round to be announced with minimal delay. Thanks to OCR, you are ensured the most seamless and efficient gaming experience possible, with no time being wasted.

Multiple high definition cameras – To produce an even more realistic gaming experience, the developers of Live Casino games realized that to have only a single camera providing a static view of the action would be unrealistic. In reality, you would likely be walking around or shifting your frame of reference from time to time to get different perspectives on the game. Having multiple powerful cameras helps to create this impression and is thus a vital component in keeping it real.

How you can maximize your Live gaming experience

On your end, in order to maximize the quality of your Live Casino gaming experience, you would obviously want a stable internet connection, with the greatest possible speed. Additionally, you want to make sure that you have at least 4GB of RAM, at least 2 GB of free disk space, are using at least Windows 7 64-Bit, have at least a 2GHz CPU Dual Core processor, and if you’re a mobile user, that you’re using at minimum an android 5.0 or iOS 9.


In closing, Live Casino games have revolutionized how online casino gaming can be enjoyed by bringing the atmosphere of a the Las Vegas strip straight to your living room, but without all the headache and costs involved with traveling to one.

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