Is the Tournament Masterclass worth it?

We break down what you get from the elite level course that is updated all the time from Raise Your Edge founder bencb.

We are big fans of Raise Your Edge from bencb and today wanted to put a spotlight on his most famous course. 

The Tournament Masterclass is the first major MTT course from Raise Your Edge and remains one of the most popular. If you have been on the fence about joining you can get up to $175 off with – a discount you cannot find anywhere else. 

It may be his first course but that does not mean it is dated, in fact the course regularly gets updated with new videos and to keep up with the latest solver findings, population tendencies, Raise Your Edges ranges and much more. 

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Tournament Masterclass Review

raise your edge free download Raise Your Edge founder bencb editor Barry Carter has taken this course and this was his RYE Tournament Masterclass Review:

One thing I would warn potential customers on is that this course is certainly not for novices. I think you need to have been grinding for a year and understand the basics very well before you start with Raise Your Edge.

If I were to profile the sort of person who should join Raise Your Edge it probably should be a breakeven or better player, who plays four or more tables at once, uses tracking software and has at least a basic understanding of ICM and what solvers do. That is quite a sweeping generalisation but my point is, I think Raise Your Edge is a course that would potentially turn a regular into a crusher, not a novice into a regular. I would suspect most of the customers at would fall into that ideal customer category.

So is Raise Your Edge worth it? I would say certainly, as long as you were willing to put in the work that Ben advocates. Just watching the videos back-to-back is not enough, you would have to do all the quizzes, assignments, study the ranges, revisit the material especially when it gets updated and perhaps most of all make use of the Discord channel.

Is the Tournament Masterclass worth it? Here is what you get

raise your edge free download Raise Your Edge ranges

In the Tournament Masterclass you get a torrent of useful Raise Your Edge insights and lessons. There is over 50 hours of content which is being added to all the time, and you can expect the following:

Structured content: Learn about each stage of the game in the order you should know about it

Bencb’s Ranges: Over 250 actual ranges the Raise Your Edge founder uses personally 

Preflop Blueprint: Avoid many of the biggest postflop errors by tightening up your preflop game first

Postflop Gameplan: Structured linear post flop lines with purpose

ICM: Master the most important adjustment in tournament poker strategy

Population Analysis: GTO is important but knowing how to exploit the modern game is what will get you into the high stakes

High Stakes MTT Reviews: Ben crushes the biggest games online and keeps nothing secret

Discord Channel: Review hands and rail your fellow Raise Your Edge customers, as well as getting direct feedback from the RYE coaches

The Tournament Masterclass is one of the most structured and complete courses you will find in poker, You will come out of it with incredibly strong fundamentals that beat today’s games. 

is the tournament masterclass worth it The Tournament Masterclass Curriculum

Free bencb MTT videos

If you are still not sure that the Tournament Masterclass is worth it, check out some of these free videos where bencb looks at beating modern online poker tournaments in more detail:

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After an exemplary rise to the top of the poker world, starting out on low-stakes SNGs and grinding his way all the way to the top of six-figure buy-in tournaments, Benjamin ‘bencb’ Rolle launched his own poker training site Raise Your Edge, delivering world-class poker courses that can help anyone to get their own game to new heights.

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The best part of it all: There’s a money-back guarantee on all the offers available at Raise Your Edge, meaning if you completed a course and done the work, but you feel it provided no value, you can get a refund for your purchase within 60 days.

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