Is Bounty Beast worth it?

You can get an unbeatable $250 discount on the PKO course from Raise Your Edge to learn to beat the most profitable MTT format.

PKO tournaments are the fastest growing format in poker, in fact some poker rooms have more bounty MTTs than non-bounty tournaments. They have even become popular as a Sit & Go variant. 

The biggest error you can make in PKOs is to play them like a regular ‘vanilla’ MTT. The bounty dramatically changes the ranges you play, your approach to the game and how your opponents should play against you. 

The folks at Raise Your Edge have cracked the code and put together the complete guide to PKO tournaments with Bounty Beast – The Craft of Knockout Poker. 

It really covers all the key adjustments you have to make in PKO tournaments and when you join Bounty Beast using discount code POKERSTRATBEAST you get a $250 discount you cannot find anywhere else. 

Is Bounty Beast worth it? Check out our guide to find out more:

Bounty Beast Review

Knockout Package

One of the reasons to play bounty tournaments is that they almost certainly will never be solved. The presence of progressive bounties makes each spot so complex it would take a math genius to even begin to teach you about them. 

So, that’s what bencb did, recruiting his trusted math geek and theoretical physicist “w3cray” to get to work and dive into the craft of Knockout Poker.

Months were spent locked away running simulations and exploring the true math behind this fast growing form of poker tournaments—and astoundingly even high stakes regulars are making major mistakes in them!

To get rid of these leaks, the new course was set up on three basic pillars:

poker theorie

Theoretical concepts

Theory is the foundation of everything, enabling you to identify the most profitable line in each spot. Understanding the key theoretical concepts is a must for everyone looking to become a Bounty Beast. A wide range of sample hands will make it easier for you to really get the gist of the unique theoretical approach.

Poker Mathematik

Mathematical tools

The folks at Raise Your Edge have come up with an exclusive tool for PKO tournaments, helping you to accurately determine the profitability of any given scenario. This way, you will be able to develop a much better understanding of whether the profitability of a spot is changing due to the extra value of a bounty or not.

Poker Praxis


Understanding the theoretical concepts is only half of what’s necessary. You also need to be able to apply them in the heat of the battle at the knockout tables. And with the help of videos, live-plays, and hand analyses, bencb and w3cray will help you to do just that!

Become a Bounty Beast today

Is Bounty Beast worth it? Here is what you get

Poker PKO bounties

Just like bencb’s Tournament Masterclass, the best part of this course is that it’s constantly being worked on and just at its beginning.

With new knowledge being added all the time, the price of the knockout strategy package is surely going to rise in the future. If you jump in early now, you won’t have to deal with a possible price increase, while still profiting from any future updates since they are all included.

Here’s what you will get already today:

More than 9 hours content packed videos by bencb & w3cray

7 bounty equity calculation tools

Cutting edge bounty applications including Raise Your Edge charts

VIP Discord channel access

Just remember to use our exclusive code POKERSTRATBEAST when enrolling into the new course to profit from an additional discount of $250

Get your Bounty Beast discount

Free bencb PKO videos

If you are still not sure that Bounty Beast is worth it, check out some of these free videos where bencb looks at PKO tournaments in more detail:

Unbeatable RYE discounts you won’t find anywhere else

After an exemplary rise to the top of the poker world, starting out on low-stakes SNGs and grinding his way all the way to the top of six-figure buy-in tournaments, Benjamin ‘bencb’ Rolle launched his own poker training site Raise Your Edge, delivering world-class poker courses that can help anyone to get their own game to new heights.

No matter if you want to master regular tournaments, perfect your skills in bounty MTTs, boost your mindset, or reignite your career with live cash games—there’s something in store for everyone at Raise Your Edge. And with our unbeatable discounts at Raise Your Egde that you will find nowhere else, you will be able to save cold hard cash when taking your game to the next level through the elite poker training Raise Your Egde offers.

Up to $250 discount through

Check out our discount overview for all the available courses and pick whatever game format you would like to thrive in. offers the biggest discounts available at Raise Your Edge:

raise your edge banner

The best part of it all: There’s a money-back guarantee on all the offers available at Raise Your Edge, meaning if you completed a course and done the work, but you feel it provided no value, you can get a refund for your purchase within 60 days.

Find out more about the courses offered at Raise Your Edge

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