Drill down on tricky spots with Moshman

We have some of our best videos where Collin Moshman focusses on specific tough spots in MTTs to get better at them.

Our SNG Guru CollinMoshman covers every MTT & SNG format in poker and he also gets deep into the lab. Some of his best videos are where he takes a very targeted specific spot in MTTs and studies it in detail.

A good place to start is this this video on 30BB spots in MTTs. Since you will spend most of your time at this stack depth, it’s a great place to build up some mental reps:

poker video

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More analysis videos from Collin

poker video

Suited hands in MTTs

Collin on how to play draw heavy hands in shallow MTTs

poker video

Late Street Quiz

Brush up on your turn and river strategy with this quiz from Collin


OOP in tournaments

Collin shows you how to lose less when you are out of position


Tricky Pocket Pairs

You can’t just give up on high flops so learn how to play small pairs

You can learn more about Collin and ask him questions directly about his videos in his Sit ‘N’ Go Crushers Academy thread here at PokerStrategy.com. 

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