Doug Polk Reopens Old Wounds Over Ben Tollerene Scam Accusation

26 Oct

Doug Polk has clashed with Ike Haxton on Twitter, accusing him of always taking a disagreeable attitude with him because of an old feud with Ben Tollerene.

Polk famously fell out with Tollerene a few years ago over a mutual-coaching deal gone wrong. Haxton and Tollerene are thought of as good friends and Polk insists that Haxton’s attitude towards him is unfairly prickly because of that.

Old Feud

Polk ribbed Haxton in a post about why casinos choose to ban players from taking photos of their chips during play.

“This happened to me in a Florida 25k once. Told the floor it was a horrible ruling. ‘Actually its an awesome rule’ I hear from the peanut gallery. I turn around, its @ikepoker gloating. ‘Everywhere should do this’ Thanks Ike.”

Haxton explained that his point was Polk unfairly holding up play so he could record his plays for his YouTube channel.

“You were asking the dealer to hold up so that you could record and narrate your all ins in a 25k turbo. Everyone at the table thought you were being obnoxious. And just to be clear, this wasn’t a situation I stumbled on and commented from “the peanut gallery.” I was sitting right next to you and I was the one who called the floor.”

Whatever transpired that day, the tale about Tollerene scamming Polk out of agreed coaching was a huge story back in the day, and it clearly still wrangles with him.

Deliberate Scam?

Many people thought that the pair were the best heads-up specialists for NL Hold’em and PLO back in 2016, and a mutual-coaching deal seemed a natural agreement to make. Only things didn’t work out as planned.

Polk fulfilled his part of the deal but Tollerene backed out once he got what he wanted, claiming his partner in a bespoke software development project vetoed the sharing of certain information.

It’s understandable why Polk feels so hard done by after being treated in this manner. It’s hard to believe that Tollerene didn’t know what the situation was beforehand.

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