Crazy slowroll in a $186,000 pot

We saw pole opposite ends of the spectrum for how professional players should act in a high stakes hand from the weekend.

Every year there is at least one dirty slowroll that goes viral in poker and today we have an early contender. 

On the Hustler Casino live stream Garrett Adelstein was facing a $55,000 call with a pair of Kings on the river aganst the full house of Dylan Gang. 

He eventually made the call and not only did Dylan take his time to showdown, he initially said ‘good call’ to Adelstein, suggesting he had the winner and making him show down the hand. 

He then said ‘just kidding’ and meekly tabled his boat. 

Adelstein is considered one of the best cash game players in the world and also one of poker’s consumate professionals. He proved that in this hand as he didn’t event flinch, he just paid Gang his money and carried on to the next hand. How many other players would react so calmly when they get slowrolled in a $186,000 pot?

Regarding the pot I lost w KT vs Dylan’s 44: We have no history aside from playful banter last week. I have no ill will towards him and he’s welcome to slowroll, needle, moon me midhand, etc. That said, he’s got an uphill battle if he thinks I’m affected by anything he does/says

— Garrett Adelstein (@GmanPoker) February 19, 2022

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

Barry Carter is the editor of and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, Poker Satellite Strategy, PKO Poker Strategy & the new book Endgame Poker Strategy

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