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New technology, new adventures!

Thanks to the latest top secret teleporting technology that was reluctantly given to us by anonymous DARPA agents, we can now explore and access strange and miraculous worlds that no human being has ever encountered before. First up, we’ll be scouting and exploring 3 mysterious dragon realms. If our expeditions are successful, we may even explore them again in the future. Without further ado, let’s use this teleporting machine and hope it doesn’t malfunction and get us all killed.

Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire

Fire and ice: neither ain’t so nice when you’re on the receiving end of a dragon’s fury! First up in our adventures, we set foot in an icy cave set deep within a mystical parallel realm. Luckily, we brought our thickest winter coats for this one because as soon as we arrive, we are immediately met with weather that is so cold that you wouldn’t be able to take a leak without it freezing in midair. Soon, however, we stumble upon a dragon’s cave that is surprisingly warm and accommodating.

In this cave is the most peculiar friendship of two dragons living side by side; one that is regarded across the kingdom as a master of the cold, and another that is known for his mastery of all things related to heat and fire. Long story short, the ice dragon became fed up with living with so much cold for so many millennia that he enlisted the help of the fire dragon, who is now entrusted with keeping his icy cave warm with his heat and flame generating capabilities. Through the mutual mingling of their powers, they are also capable of alchemically producing vast wealth; the cave is just littered with gold coins!

Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire by Pragmatic Play is a 3 reel, 5 fixed payline video slot game that sends you to an alternate realm filled with enchantment and harrowing encounters with some truly powerful dragons. This game also comes with a progressive feature which consists of 6 levels, with multipliers increasing incrementally up to 50x (you ascend by accumulating non-winning spins) and can win up to 1250x your bet (oh my!). Also featured are some mesmerizingly detailed and otherworldly graphics that give the impression of a hit video game or a fantasy novel coming to life.

Dragon Kingdom

Next up, we’ll explore a vast kingdom ruled by a princess who is in a desperate struggle against factions of evil dragons hell bent on the total destruction of her kingdom and reign. To repel their onslaught, she enlists the help of certain benevolent dragons and uses sheer cunning to outmaneuver the evil dragons’ advances, already decimating countless waves. However, having superior numbers, it is only a matter of time before they crush her and her armies like saplings in an avalanche. It’s all on you now to come to her rescue. She may even shower you with exquisite rewards along the way!

Dragon Kingdom is a video slot game masterminded by Pragmatic Play and comes with 5 reels, 25 fixed paylines and slick graphics that scream enchantment. The visuals appear as if they’ve been crafted by a talented artist and give the impression of an epic fantasy novel coming to life. In addition to a Wild symbol, Dragon Kingdom comes with a unique Free Spins mode, where before the feature begins, you’ll be able to select one of five options, each of which contains a different stacked symbol and win multiplier. Choose wisely; the fate of the kingdom probably depends on it!

Drago Jewels of Fortune

Next, we head over to a neighboring dragon kingdom, where locals tell of a family of dragons who rule the lands with an iron fist, constantly threatening to bring utter hellfire and brimstone to the kingdom unless their demands are met. What are their demands? It is nothing short of the constant flow of gold and jewels to their lair, accompanied by regular back massages from the most talented therapists in the land. To appease the dragons and save their homes from total destruction, the locals transport fresh gold and jewels to the dragons’ lair on a monthly basis.

It’s all on you to sneak into the lair, neutralize the dragons through peaceful or forceful means, and free the kingdom of the dragons’ rule. As a reward for a successful mission, you will be entitled to take your share of the treasure. Also, naturally growing in the caves are various crystals that are worth a significant amount on earth. If you manage to take even a tiny fraction of them home when we teleport back, they could potentially be worth a fortune!

Drago Jewels of Fortune by Pragmatic Play is a video slot game featuring 5 reels and 10 fixed paylines along with vibrant graphics and smooth animations that give a lighthearted yet enchanting depiction of a family of dragons living in a lair.  This game also features a Dragon Super Spin feature which is triggered when you manage to land 4 matching dragon symbols in all four corners of the reels. In this feature, your goal is to land the same dragon symbols as the one that triggered the feature. At the end of the round, your wins and earned multipliers will be awarded based on the total you’ve accumulated.

Also included is a similar Bonus Free Spins feature, which is activated by getting 4 crystal symbols on all 4 corners, thereby giving you extra Free Spins or multipliers on a subsequent Free Spin. The paths to vast fortune are endless in this lair!

Back to earth

As our adventures draw to a close, we head on over to our top secret rendezvous point where we teleport safely back to the human realm, along with all the wisdom and treasures we’ve managed to pick up along the way. Your fellow earthlings back home are sure happy to see you but will never in a million years comprehend what you’ve just experienced.

For more daring and heart-pounding adventures into worlds, kingdoms and domains that reside far beyond our senses, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from EmuCasino. Some past journeys that we recommend checking out include our expeditions into Ancient Mesoamerica, as well as heart-pounding quests alongside some of the most daring action heroes to ever grace the world of slots. Stay tuned because it only gets wilder from here!

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