Best Bookies For Asian Handicap Betting

There are a lot of one-sided sports events, and the Asian handicap market appeals since it poises out the sensed benefit of the superior team, resulting in an equal match – and, critically, additional competitive odds.

There are solely two possible outcomes instead of three in the standard 1×2 market, which is yet another advantage of Asian handicap betting. Compared to wagers on any team, either the away or the home side, bookies take a lot fewer bets on the draw, and the Asian Handicap eliminates the draw, removing most of the uncertainty gamblers have when putting their bets.

A draw is a possibility in the full goal type of Asian Handicap, resulting in your stakes being returned; thus, in contrast to betting solely on one team to win in a typical betting market, this is not a losing outcome.

Due to the various possibilities available with Asian handicaps, including half goal, quarter goal, and full goal, Asian handicap betting is incredibly popular with punters.

Half-goal handicaps are more difficult but more rewarding; full-goal handicaps offer the insurance element that if an exact number of goals is scored you simply receive your stake back, and quarter-goal handicaps are the perfect balance of reward and risk for numerous punters.

Here are some of the best bookies for Asian handicap betting:


They have competitive betting odds on a large number of Asian handicap markets, and they usually have a large number of Asian handicap lines for each of those markets. 

This means that you can almost certainly find the asian handicap that suits your betting style and requirements.


Pinnacle is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and trusted betting sites by many of the world’s top bettors, largely due to it being one of very few sports book who allows constant winners (most bookies impose limits at some stage).

Pinnacle permits the odds to be determined by the market, and is often the first sports book to publish Asian handicap odds for sports events, and other sites will often form their initial markets and odds based on Pinnacle.

Pinnacle should definitely be your betting site of choice if you want to bet decent amounts without restrictions.

Players from all around the world, including several Asian countries, are welcome. The site does not give a welcome bonus, but it has some of the industry’s finest odds.


Betfair is one of the largest betting sites in the world, with one of the oldest and most popular betting exchanges.
Asian handicap odds may be found at their Betfair exchange, with relatively minimal to no restrictions other than market liquidity. This is because you compete against other punters rather than the betting site when you play on a betting exchange.


LeoVegas still has a long way to go before competing with the big boys like Pinnacle and Bet365. They do, however, excel in a few areas, like their mobile platform, which is undoubtedly one of the best mobile sports betting platforms available.

The odds at LeoVegas are set by provider Kambi, which is also utilized by many other sites like Unibet, MrGreen, and Redbet. You virtually always have the option to gamble on both smaller and larger leagues with LeoVegas. So, while LeoVegas odds aren’t quite as good as Pinnacle or Bet365, it does have a solid range of sports and betting markets for you to choose from.


Bethard is the cocky new kid in town. It has a certain arrogance, and they proudly advertise themselves as ‘providing the finest odds in the world.’ When it comes to conventional odds, they truly are among the finest available.

They aren’t necessarily as good as others regarding Asian handicap odds. SBTech, which offers a wide range of Asian handicap odds, provides Bethard with their odds.

In fairness Their live-betting odds are among the best in the industry because they produce them themselves, leaving greater room for error.

What Is Asian Handicap Betting & How Does It Work?

The purpose of handicaps is to bring two teams closer together and eliminate the outcome with the least support (the draw).

The same premise applies to Asian handicaps, except that, depending on the sort of Asian Handicap you choose to bet on, Asian handicaps provide bettors more discretion over their amount of risk with their Asian handicap bets.

How Many Types Of Asian Handicap Bets Are There?

There are three main sorts of Asian handicap bets, each with slightly different Asian handicap alternatives and odds.

Half-goal Asian handicaps, full-goal Asian handicaps, and quarter-goal Asian handicaps are the three forms of Asian handicaps.

What Is The Difference Between Asian And European Handicaps?

The distinction between Asian and European handicap betting is that Asian handicap betting does not include a draw option.

In European Handicap Betting, you have three alternatives (Home, Draw, and Away), but only two in Asian Handicap Betting (Home, Away).

European Handicap quotes and odds are always in whole goals, while Asian Handicap markets are always quoted in half-goals, eliminating the draw.

Is Asian Handicap Good?

Asian handicaps are both beneficial and detrimental to bookies. On the one hand, they assist bookmakers in reducing risk by promoting parity trading or balancing the amount of wagering on either side of a match. This allows bookies to take higher bets on key sporting events.


When it comes to betting on asian handicap markets there’s a chunk of sportsbooks and exchanges waiting to take your bets and serve you with a vast range of asian handicap betting markets.

If you’re looking for an asian handicap tipster you’ll probably enjoy AJ Sports Tipster who covers NBA handicap betting, NFL handicap betting, NCAAF handicap betting, and occasionally some other asian handicap betting markets on a daily basis.

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