Are Stricter Regulations about to Affect Roulette Players?

month, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) suspended the operating
license of EveryMatrix Ltd with immediate effect and
seemingly without warning. The regulator suspended the license in order for
them to carry out a review of the business in question as to whether certain
conditions apply, namely that the support for players procedure is correct and

are a software provider for a number of iGaming companies, a variety of which currently
operate in the United Kingdom. The suspension has meant that several betting
and casino operators including;, and have
had to cease accepting UK player deposits and registrations. But is this just
the beginning?

Ever Restricting Regulations

gambling regulators across Europe have been ‘tightening the noose’ for the past
few years. A few years ago, updated regulations in the Netherlands meant that a
number of online gambling operators including online casinos, had to either
adhere to these extremely strict new rules or close their doors – many opted
for the latter option given the huge amount of work that was required in order to
stay open.

regulators in other European countries such as Italy, France, Russia and now of
course the United Kingdom, have also been tightening the screw so far as the
iGaming industry is concerned, which is why lots of those in the industry have looked
to broaden their horizons. Some gaming companies, such as ‘Come On’ have
even gone so far as to cease operating in some geo locations due to the
regulation changes. Come On ceased their operations in the UK last month
as the market was no longer profitable for them, due to updated rules and

these tougher regulations in the online gaming markets, many companies are seeing
their revenues fall and share prices decrease in value. The iGaming sector is
extremely competitive with hundreds of operators and affiliate fighting for
their share of the prize in all GEO locations. Due to the tightening
regulations in so many different markets, companies are having to adapt or die.

Will Online Roulette be affected?

goes without saying that the online casino segment of the iGaming industry,
which roulette games fall under, is still popular as well as profitable. Online
roulette games account for a search volume of over 3000 searches per month in
the UK alone.

The UK market is dominated by both affiliate and operator casino websites. Directions to online roulette operator websites are offered at all affiliate websites. Affiliates sites that offer online roulette games are set up in order to send their online roulette traffic to operator sites who host online roulette games. This is in essence how the online casino section of the iGaming industry works. Affiliate sites and operators are both fighting for their share of the pie.

Google announced in 2017 that where possible their
search engine would look to favour brands (operators) in their rankings, Google
recently announced that this is no longer the case and adjusted their algorithm
to a more level playing field – neither brands nor affiliates are favoured, Google
want users to be able to choose for themselves.

there will be no doubt that players will still be able to play online roulette,
there is a chance that the number of sites offering it will decrease. At the
same time, it is perhaps more likely that operators will look to move away from
gathering paid traffic from affiliate sites and instead attempt to do the job
of the affiliates themselves. As long as roulette players continue to exist and
play in the numbers they are playing in now and persist in searching for
roulette games to play, players will not be affected by any regulations save
those that completely ban online gambling altogether.

What next for iGaming?

usual, iGaming companies will adapt and evolve to the situation. The iGaming
industry is entering its third major evolution after the poker boom and the
online casino goldmine. Sportsbook betting is now one of the biggest growth
sectors in the world with a huge and ever-growing target market. Sports betting
may yet become more popular than casino betting, in part due to its image. Whereas
workplace discussions around which football team you put a bet on at the
weekend are extremely commonplace, it is less likely that you will hear two
people talk about how much they won on the online roulette wheel, for example.
Sports betting has a better image from that point of view.

At the same time, sports betting allows iGaming companies to market their brand to an absolutely massive demographic. 888 Casino recently signed a partnership with the iconic American football team and sports brand – The New York Jets. 888 Casino have their logo featured throughout the stadium including an on the pitch advertisement which everyone on TV will see during matches.

all the big names in the iGaming industry to begin switching their main efforts
to sportsbooks if they have not already. At the same time, whilst online casino
games are banned in the majority of American states, it is expected that the US
government is more open to opening up their gambling market for sports betting.

Full scale legalised sports betting is
already allowed in thirteen states whilst a further five states have
passed bills which will soon legalise sports betting in their respective
states. It will take longer for each of these states to legalise online sports
betting as adverse to sports betting at brick and mortar casinos. However, it
is likely this will happen sooner or later, several states do already allow
online sports betting. Nobody expects online casinos to be legalised in the USA
any time soon.

way, online roulette players should not threat, there will certainly be
numerous platforms for you to be able to play your
favourite hobby on. But don’t be surprised to see the iGaming industry begin to
move away from online casinos and into sportsbook betting.

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