Are People Who Speak English at Higher Risk of Gambling Addiction?

As ridiculous as it sounds, a new mental health seems to think gambling addiction could be a greater risk to people who speak English. At least, that’s what the folks at Gambless say.

Gambless is a top rated app to deal with problem gambling and has over half a million users. They’ve just released their first ever report, based on the responses of 3,500 tests from their own users. They stated that they analyzed language groups to determine which may be more affected by impacted by gambling addiction. They now claim that English speakers are nearly 60% more likely to be suffer from problem gambling. Call us skeptical.

Perhaps people in English speaking countries have greater access to gambling? Maybe people in English speaking countries have greater access to disposable income? Maybe people in English speaking countries have better cell phones and internet service, thus giving them more access to apps like Gambless and the ability to download them? Or maybe there are just more English speaking people on Gambless! After all, their own demographic reporting seem to support this.

Gambless largest concentration of users are from English speaking countries, with about 25% from Britain and Ireland. Another 23% of users are located in the United States, and 10% are Australian. When you add the 4% who are Canadian, you get a total of 62%… which is pretty much spot on with their claim for English speaking problem gamblers.

With this in mind, we would like to thank Gambless for wasting everyone’s time with facts that are misrepresented, and for publishing click-bait headline that seems to be designed for the sole purpose of grabbing some cheap publicity.

Author: wpadmin

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